For tourists

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Information for foreign travelers

visiting Vladivostok

and Primorye



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!



If, while in Vladivostok, you have problems of a legal nature such as: you lost your documents, your property was stolen, you got problems with visa, customs or any permits, you have problems with Russian authorities or you became a victim of fraud, please




+ 7 (4232) 4-0000-9, 4-3333-7, 404-424, 22-55-46


or send an e-mail (you can use the electronic translator at the top of the site main menu)

or use Skype: balakhnina-advokat


Experienced lawyer of the known Russian Balakhnina & partners Law Company with great reputation and more than 11-year history will help you to resolve ANY problem.


You can also preliminary, even before you arrive in the country, use e-mail to communicate with the Firm and inform of your stay in Vladivostok or Primorye, to secure in advance assistance and support of lawyers and interpreters.


On agreement with the customer, lawyers can also go to other cities in Primorye and Russia.


In addition, we can help you in contacts with notable and competent historians, scientists, authors of books on history of Vladivostok and Primorye Territory; as well as give a hand in negotiations with local ecologists and travelers - jeeppers and yachtsmen – about exclusive expeditions to remote places in taiga, uninhabited islands and reserves in Primorye. We also arrange meetings with the local highly professional photographers, cameramen and journalists.


Language of communication


The secretary of the Firm can speak English. If you are not proficient in this language, please say in English or Russian the name of your country or language you can speak.  The secretary will connect you with an interpreter. Professional interpreters from English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages are working in cooperation with the Firm.




Time difference with London is 10 hours. You may call us Monday through Saturday from 9 to 19 o’clock (9AM - 7 PM).

You may also  leave an urgent message in other time including Sunday, but we can not guarantee you services at night time or on days off, although management of the Firm will do everything possible to help you.


We wish you Luck, Prosperity and recreation in our city without any problems and complexities!


Yours, Group of Companies Balakhnina & partners


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Как с нами связаться?

Телефон:  +7 4232 4-0000-9,

Skype: Send a message via Skype to 690091, г. Владивосток, ул. Уборевича, 10/4 balakhnina-advokat


Почтовый адрес: 690091, г. Владивосток, ул. Уборевича, 10г.

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